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Southeastern Military Academy is among the best schools in the world. Our private military school offers a superior education to all students. Our private military school is designed to bring discipline, structure and instill the value of hard work. In short, we give students the structured environment they need to stay focused... and succeed! 

In addition, we offer a world acclaimed curriculum and well trained dedicated teachers who have as their main objective the whole training of the child... mind, soul and body.

When your son graduates from Southeastern Military Academy, he has the academic foundation, morality, self-confidence, self-discipline and leadership traits that will guide him successfully throughout his life.

Regardless of what problems your child has, i.e. behavioral, educational, or otherwise, a Southeastern Military Academy education could become the foundation your child or teen needs to be successful. 

We offer a top notch private military school education in a growth producing environment. Call us today and speak with an enrollment officer.


Together We Can Rescue Kids

There is a poverty that goes deeper than the desire for material possessions and far deeper than the pangs of hunger.

It is the poverty of anger and rejection. It is the poverty of drug addiction, behavioral problems and antisocial behavior. It is the poverty of the body, the mind and the spirit and it is going on unchecked behind closed doors, destroying the most innocent of victims - - our youth!

Life is not always kind to youth who lack the desire for a positive family, social or educational environment. Kids in trouble learn anti-social behavior and unacceptable ways of dealing with their problems, which they perpetuate into adulthood -- unless the cycle can be altered and broken. We offer a positive alternative to a negative lifestyle for troubled children and youth from all over Florida and the United States.

Southeastern Military Academy offers a way to give these kids a second chance, a way to redirect them and provide positive role models and socially acceptable ways for recognizing and dealing with life’s uncertain pressures. Provided is an intense discipline centered environment in a challenging setting. Offered are opportunities for reflection and reconsideration with consequences given for inappropriate behavior, leading the youth to resolve to follow more purposeful paths to adulthood. We return our young charges to society as productive, confident young men.

For many of the youngsters who are referred to us, their stay here will be the first time they will experience stability and discipline. Their physical, as well as emotional environment is changed to expose them to more appropriate adult-child interrelationships, to build confidence and positive self esteem, and to pursue the success that awaits them.

At Southeastern we’re rebuilding young men, mind soul and body . . . and it’s working!


At Southeastern Military Academy we strive to rehabilitate troubled youth from the absolute standpoint. The basic principles on which our program operates include: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Self Sacrifice, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.

It is important to give the troubled, angry and underprivileged young person the proper perspective about life. To genuinely rehabilitate an individual, one must present the total picture, helping him or her to see the need and purpose for change as well as how it can be accomplished. We believe that God designed each individual with certain talents, abilities and a unique personality. It is our task to help young people uncover their true identity and capitalize on their strengths as well as recognizing their weaknesses.

We provide a Holistic Multi-Disciplinary approach in our work with troubled youth. We believe that to rehabilitate a young person one needs to deal with the person as a whole... mind, soul, and body. Each component of our re-education program is interrelated, and provides opportunities for character development, responsibility training, positive reinforcement, success, encouragement, and a real chance to alter a young persons attitude and lifestyle.

But if there is one single component that we feel is the most important to our formula, it's this - DISCIPLINE.  For many of the young people who come to Southeastern, this will be the first time they will experience the stability of a rigid schedule, consequences, and high expectations. They will learn what to expect and what is expected of them.


Southeastern Military Academy provides a structured highly disciplined academic and lifestyle re-directing program for boys 9-17 who are having behavioral problems in the home or at school.


Our program specializes in providing services in three distinct yet interrelated parts:

  •     Behavioral Component
  •     Academic Component
  •     Physical Training Component

A highly structured environment is provided to the youth by their emersion into a Positive Behavior Modification Program. Each young person is encouraged to gain the best scores possible so that they may participate in activities specifically designed for this purpose.


    Educational needs of the youth are provided for in our on-grounds learning center, which is registered with the Florida Department of Education. The academy utilizes an individualized program with high motivational emphasis. Each student works at his own level of learning under the watchful eye of our instructors. This curriculum and style of learning has received world wide acclaim and has been proven very successful in assisting students who have fallen behind in school, or who are diagnosed Severe Learning Disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Emotional Handicap, or Severe Behavioral Handicap, to make tremendous progress and re-enter the mainstream classroom.


Job assignments are important for the development of character and responsibility in youth. Each child is given daily chores, and work assignments to be performed under staff supervision and guidance.  

  Military Lifestyle- Youth who attend Southeastern are immersed in a military life. The discipline and rigidity of the system builds self confidence and dependability into the lives of troubled youth. 

    Leadership Training- Southeastern Military Academy offers many important skills not offered by public or private schools, one such skill is leadership training.  Boys with leadership skills tend to be more successful as adults.

Leadership training is one of the advantages that military school has over most traditional schools. Good military schools for any age group focus on training young men to become leaders in the military or whatever field they choose to go into, and the ability to lead is an important skill for success in life.      


Placement Criteria


Southeastern Military Academy works with Young Men age’s 8- 19 who are suffering from behavioral problems, academic deficiencies, anger and hostility towards family and drug and alcohol problems.



 We specialize in helping Youth who exhibit the following problems:


       Low self-esteem

        Drug and alcohol problems


       Behavior problems


       Out of control anger

       Poor school performance or excessive truancy


       Manipulative behavior

       Impulsive or irresponsible behavior 





Enrollment Process

All youth who are considered for enrollment must have a Enrollment Summary filled out by the parent or guardian.

Summary must accompany signed releases for records from former psychiatrists, psychologists, school counselors, etc.

Once we have received the completed summary, the records that we request from you and the application fee we will staff the case.

We will endeavor to respond to you within 24 hours with a preliminary acceptance.



Mckay and Step-Up for Students Scholarship students accepted NOW!



            The name of the school is Southeastern Military Academy in Port St. Lucie, FL


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We specialize in helping Youth who exhibit the following problems:

Behavioral problems            

Drug & alcohol problems 


Low self-esteem



Out of control anger

Running away

Poor school performance or truancy

Lying and lack of Honesty

Manipulative behavior

Impulsive or irresponsible behavior