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When you finally make the decision to enroll your son in a specialized military school, you will feel, depending on how terrible the behavior of your son was, a wide range of feelings.  You may feel that you did the right thing, even though it was hard. You may however feel a loss. You may feel as if you did not do everything in your power to make your son's life happy, and that is why he is rebelling. These thoughts are very normal.

Pull yourself together. If you have come to this point of enrollment you have thought long and hard about your options. THIS IS THE ONLY ANSWER!

Doctrine of Discipline

Immediately upon entry into the program your son will be immersed into a highly structured, highly disciplined program. Every moment will be planned and scheduled. He will be taught the fundamentals of Military Science. He will learn how to stand at attention, at ease, and at rest. He will learn how to face right, about face, and fall in, in a rank. He will have is head shaved and all personal belongings will be taken. He will hear over and over again that there are only a few rights... all other things are PRIVILEGES. He will be thoroughly trained and indoctrinated to the 7 Core Values and will make these a part of his everyday life.

During the first 30 days he will spend the majority of his time learning how to obey orders and comply to directives. He will have his physical body pushed to it's limits and will spend many hours in "the Pit" (our physical training area). He will develop a team concept and will realize that he can do things he never thought he could do. After this time he will take the Physical Readiness Training Test. This test will evaluate his physical capabilities. If he has worked hard he will pass. This will be the first of many milestones that he will achieve.


During this time he will also march up to 11 miles as well as run 5 miles.

Can my son "graduate" before 9 months?

Typically it takes our staff 9 months. (sometimes more) to effect change in your son. You will notice changes immediately after enrollment because of our disciplined program but these are just external changes. Be encouraged, don't give in prematurely because of the dramatic change you see.

Will there be classes for me?

Yes,  You may be required to attend classes in addition to your son. 

Education Plan In the first few weeks of placement a Individual Education Plan will be established with your son. This is a tool by which we measure your son's progress on his presenting problems. As he progresses in the program these goals are achieved and new ones are set as your son progresses to the next stage of the program.

Will My Son Hate Me?

No! Your son will not hate you regardless of what he says. He will try his best to manipulate you. Remember, he has been around you for many years, he knows how to pull on your heart strings.


7 Core Values




   Self Sacrifice



   Personal Courage



Therapeutic Component

In addition to being provided with a highly structured highly disciplined program your teen will also receive daily  anger management, behavioral re-direction, conflict resolution, and relationship building skills as well as Life Skills Training.







                 Please email us at    Admissions @ Southeastern  for more information about enrollment at Southeastern Military Academy.







Physical Readiness Training

During the first several weeks of placement, your son will be participating in the Preparatory Phase of PRT. This phase increases general physical strength, endurance and mobility. As this Phase involves exercises your son has never done before, he will experience some soreness as his body changes to meet the demands placed on it. Your son may complain to you about unbearable pain, crying that it's too hard. DON'T BE FOOLED! 

The Preparatory Phase of PRT is designed by The US Army for people of any physical ability. Slowly increasing the difficulty of the exercises will help your son's body to respond without injury. Your son's health and development will be monitored very closely to further insure that it will be a safe as possible for him.

Youth Daily Schedule

07:00- Report for School Day, Barracks Detail,  Post Colors                       

08:00-Academic Learning Center                             

12:45-lunch & Clean Up


15:00- work/ drill                            

16:00- End of School Day    

16:00-17:00 Detention for those who merit it.                           


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